Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wireless Tablets PC

Claiming to be the world’s first machine in the new mobile clinical assistant PC class, Philips in conjunction with Intel has introduced its new wireless tablet PC. This $2,200 C5 mobile clinical assistant will aid doctors during the diagnostics.

The prime idea to launch this machine is to enhance superior accuracy, efficiency with online work flow for healthcare professionals. Other organizations with mobile workforces like factory supervisors, field service engineers and retail sales employees are also equally benefited.

This cordless device has a 10.4-inches 1,024 � 768 resolution touch-screen display, a digital camera, display emulated keyboard, and integrated WiFi to simplify data entry, accuracy of clinical decisions, and advanced patient care with no medication errors.

t is a perfect doctor’s gadget. The CliniScape medical table PC provides medical practitioners an easy way to access patient’s condition instantly under any circumstances.

The device has a number of sophisticated technologies such as Bar Code, RFID, and Bluetooth to help doctors to get real-time verification of patients, medication, blood containers and other clinical specimens.

Designed by Intel’s Digital Health Group, the medical gadget has following key components.

1.10.4-inch touch screen

2.A custom installation of Vista

3.Core Solo processor with 1GB of RAM

4.60GB disk

5.802.11n and Ethernet jack

6.RFID and Bluetooth radios

7.Barcode scanner

8.2 megapixel camera

9.3.5-hour battery and a single USB port

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