Friday, September 10, 2010

Eye Massagers

Breeze Warm Air Eye Massager

Air Pressure
To rub and press the eyes in all directions, rapidly release eyestrain, completely subdue eye fatigue, stimulate the muscles around the eye to relax and rest.

Warm Compression
To improve and temporarily enhance the microcirculation of the eye tissues, awaken the senses in the area of most strain and tension around the eyes, soothe jumpy or irritated eyes.

Multi-frequency Vibration Waves
To cause the eyeballs to move rhythmically at a steady frequency so as to exercise the flexibility of muscle tissues, releasing eyestrain.

Combined effects

Using a digital controller to achieve multiple interactive effects with the principal functions of air pressure, warmth induction and vibration, to massage in slow or rapid rhythms, to stimulate, to relieve eye tension completely, to wake up tired nerves, and refresh the whole mind of the wearer.


* Increases blood circulation around user's eyes and helps to relax tired eyes
* Improve luster and elasticity of the skin around the eyes
* Alleviates eye fatigue caused by extensive use of computers, driving, and reading
* Reduces wrinkles by improving tone and elasticity
* Reduces bags, swollen or puffy eyes along with the dark rings caused by poor blood circulation
* Alleviates Insomnia by inducing a state of deep relaxation that allows for a restful night's sleep
* Helps get rid of bags underneath the eyes


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